Wayne County Bar Association of Ohio

The Wayne County Bar Association [WCBA] is a non-profit corporation in Wayne County Ohio whose objects are:
  1. to uphold high standards of integrity, education and competence in the legal profession;
  2. To aid and assist in the administration of justice;
  3. To promote legal and judicial reform;
  4. To assist in the resolution of public issues involving the profession of law;
  5. To encourage active leadership in the resolution of public issues;
  6. To assist in the delivery of legal services to the indigent; and
  7. To cultivate social intercourse among its members.


Any person admitted to the bar and licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio who has paid the annual dues shall be a member.


Members of the WCBA are appointed to such committees as may be necessary to conduct the business of the WCBA. The committees are:
Admissions Committee- responsible for interviewing prospective candidates seeking admission to the bar.
Continuing Legal Education Committee- responsible for conducting informational programs and seminars for members.
Grievance Committee- responsible for reviewing and processing complaints against members of the bar.
Judicial Administration Committee- assist judges in the development of local court rules.
Public Relations Committee- promote law day and disseminate educational and public information programs.
Law Office management Committee- assist members in improving their practices through more efficient business practices.
Legal Aid Referral Committee- provide a referral system for Wayne County Legal Aid Society.
Projects and Programs Committee- conducts special events, programming and projects.
Public Defenders Committee- works with the public defender’s office of Wayne County to handle problems involved in the defense of indigents charged with crimes.
Public Records Committee- review and make recommendations regarding the public records maintained in the county.
Social Committee- encourage social interaction among members through social events and programming.
Unauthorized Practice Committee- conduct notary examinations and investigate any complaints of the unauthorized practice of law.


The officers of the WCBA include:

Louise Keating, President

Beth Mulcahy, Vice President

Renee Jackwood, Secretary/Treasurer

Bob Gorman, Trustee

John Johnson, Jr., Trustee

Craig Reynolds, Trustee

David Zacour, Past President